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We have been cooking from a young age because we are enthusiastic about food, both making it and eating it. We're also eager to share the knowledge we've gained because we believe that anyone, child or adult, can and should learn how to cook. Especially during the current state of the world, while everyone is at home, knowing how to cook can keep you happy and well-fed with delicious things. Contrarily, the person who doesn't know how to cook would primarily be surviving on instant noodles and bread.

Food is a massive part of all of our lives. Making new foods, eating diverse dishes, and experiencing many different cultures are all essential parts of modern society. However, when the coronavirus pandemic began, this turned upside down. Countless restaurants have closed down and people do not have the chance to indulge in new food, as everyone is focusing on the essentials of quarantine. However, we have been cooking before quarantine started and with an increased frequency now that we're at home. As a result, we decided to create this blog to share some of the things we are doing and to provide inspiration to anyone out there wanting to get into cooking or looking for some new ideas to try.

If you continue reading, you'll learn about some of our favorite recipes, from dinner options to drinks, from comfort food to high-end delicacies. You'll gain an understanding of how we think about cooking and learn some neat tips and tricks to augment your own food. You'll learn a lot about food as a whole, ranging from history to other general knowledge. We hope that you'll develop a love for food as strong as our own, which will make you a happier person overall. Enjoy!


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