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Renowned chef Bobby Flay has said, "I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual." The phrase 'festive but casual' encompasses the art of grilling fantastically, an activity that has become part of the American psyche. In many parts of the country, a grill can be seen at events from baseball games to graduations and family reunions. This is because everyone can bond over the comfort food that comes off the grill.

The atmosphere of grilling is also really relaxing. You sit outside, sometimes by a firepit at night, hearing the crickets chirp in the grass. Meanwhile, the flame licks the grill, cooking your food to perfection. Sometimes you can hear a hiss as the coals move around, but you always smell the smoke and anticipate your food. This is what it is to grill properly.

Grilling can be done in multiple ways, but the common factor is that some type of food is placed on a grill and heated by some means. You can use gas, wood, or charcoal to grill food, and each one leads to a different final flavour profile. My personal favourite is charcoal since it gives that smoky taste, but you can use wood if you want a more piney taste or gas if you are away from your normal grilling setup, given it’s a lot easier.

As for things you can cook on a grill, there are a myriad of options. One thing I have had a lot of success with is chicken wings with a honey barbecue-esque sauce. The sweet and smoky taste is a perfect start to a meal, and everyone will be licking their fingers and asking for seconds. Chicken wings are a great candidate for grilling since you can make them with a sauce, or dry depending on preference, and everyone will enjoy them.

You can also make some amazing burgers on the grill. If you grill at a high heat, you can get the grill marks on the side of the burger, which lends a great aesthetic. Another tip you can use is, putting cheese on the burger patty while it’s on the grill. This makes it melt, making the burger-eating experience more satisfying. Add some greens, ketchup and mustard, and you have a great burger made authentically on the grill.

You can even use a grill to make things traditionally made in an oven or something else. For example, something like lamb chops. Again, grilling it to ensure you get the grill marks and then putting a nice dry rub on it can create something truly excellent, with some heat and kick. Or, you can have it with a sauce on the side for a more normal lamb chop.

Finally, my personal grill secret is shrimp skewers. I personally love shrimp, and with these ones, everyone will be eating them like crazy. The grill really brings out the flavour of the shrimp with a more smoky feel, making it an amazing addition to any grill party.

The recipes for all of these dishes are included in our blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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